inteliQo helps companies grow

We started out in 2018 helping energy supply companies grow. We thought it would help to build a customer advocacy brand and operate a programme that the consumer market would appreciate. So we did. We built ConsumerWatch UK brand and launched the 'Save on Energy' programme.

We have since developed a digital lead generation and self service digital sales device for multiple platforms at lightening speed, opened 8 offshore franchise operations in two countries and helped prominent financial services clients develop their own offshore outsourced partner network with 3 centres opened in 2 months.

Whilst we have relentlessly developed competencies in Outbound sales, Offshore deployment, lead generation, Quality and compliance, working lead generation, outbound and online together -  we still achieve the one goal for clients - a growing business with low attrition.

So why use inteliQo

No matter your sector, if you are looking for a brand savvy business partner that gets their sleeves rolled up and delivers innovative customer acquisition programmes that have long term legs - call us.

If you want help to make omni-channel work better for you, well there is another reason to call.

If you ever wondered how you can make BPO work for your business, whether that is sales or service .. then you probably want to lean on inteliQo. 

Key features of inteliqo

  • We own consumer advocacy brands
  • We innovate with digital
  • We are the 'go to' BPO advisors for independence
  • We manage client programmes

Our customer advocacy brand

We started ConsumerWatch UK in 2018 to help customers switch energy providers. This was our outbound limited panel partnership with energy suppliers that passed our stringent tests to join.

We have helped tens of thousands of customers lower their bills. The first of its kind in the industry and billed as 'breaking the mould' - we have developed the programme way beyond where we thought we could go with it.
In 2021 we turned our attentions to funeral plans and now have three separate teams talking every day to customers in need of a funeral plan - but from a company that does the homework and picked the best and most trusted the market has to offer.

Our latest innovation. A new digital multi-platform brand, changing the way people feel about switching energy provider.

This is the all new and original switch to feel good about, where switching finally really is for GOOD. Save money with every switch.. save the planet with every switch and change some lives with every switch.

Now who isn't going to feel good about that then? Join us and change a life with every switch!

Together, the might of ConsumerWatch UK Energy Advisors and the Energyswitchbox technology when working together for clients creates an unmatched combination to drive customer growth.

BPO done right

BPO works for some and not for others.. why? 

Well in our experience perhaps because:
  • Lack of due diligence on the BPO partner
  • Poor quality and performance monitoring and reporting
  • Inadequate training and cultural orientation
  • Poorly structured commercial arrangements
  • Inadequate day to day interactions
  • Lack of offshore partner team investment in the partner business
  • Any or all of the above working together

Lean on inteliQo

If you want to avoid costly mistakes, take advantage of our experience and make a success of your expansion plans and business improvement plan, talk to us. We have developed due diligence, data protection and GDPR compliance methods, and from start to finish end to end team deployment and management on behalf of clients. 

The world has already changed, we know this because we had a hand in it.